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It is our opinion that despite the current trend of enacting prohibitions to curb the smoking of tobacco products in public places,  the worldwide ‘epidemic’ of addiction to tobacco and tobacco products will not, repeat, not, be cured or eliminated at any time in the foreseeable future. It is indisputable that smoking, and the use of tobacco products in general, is responsible for many thousands of deaths each year.
Yet people continue to smoke.
Automobile accidents cause many thousands of deaths each year.
Yet people continue to drive.
Safety measures to reduce the frequency of collisions can and are constantly being devised and implemented. Drivers have a considerable array of tools at their disposal to help them journey safely.
    America’s Pharmaceutical companies and other marketing giants have attempted to provide similar tools to cigarette smokers in the form of nicotine gums, patches, inhalers and other prescription drugs to help people quit smoking.
    People continue to drive.
People continue to smoke.
We are not mixing  apples and oranges. Admittedly we are discussing different (albeit often overlapping) groups of people and life situations…but the underlying similarities of the two groups are striking. Consider:
(1) Both groups rely on something as an integral part of their daily lives;
(2) Both groups recognize the inherent dangers in what they do, and
(3) Both groups are willing to face the dangers in order to reap the benefits.
    People want to quit being harmed by the cigarettes they smoke. They don’t want to be infused with the 4,000-plus chemicals and compounds found in tobacco products…especially the known carcinogous ones! They don’t want the odor, or the possibility of burning down the house. They don’t want to inflict their loved ones with the diseases caused by secondhand smoke.
    But they want to keep their ‘friend’. That little pressure-release valve that they’ve had in their hand, and put to their lips for so many years. The one that helps calm them when nobody else is around, or makes them comfortable in a crowd.
    Many, many, many people simply do not, repeat, not, really want to quit smoking, what they want is to be able to smoke without being harmed and endangered.
    Unless and until somebody comes up with something better…some magic bullet…electronic cigarettes are the best solution to the “Smoker’s dilemma”. eSmoking is a growing trend both worldwide as well as in the United States, and there are a lot of companies jumping on the bandwagon. Many of them are gouging consumers based upon the rationale that a rumored FDA ban on electronic cigarettes would destroy their business investment. They want to ‘get it’ while they can.
    At REDeCig.com, we recognize that there may be some rough water ahead as we navigate though the often turbulent waters of Federal regulation, but we are confident that in the end we’ll be able to relax on the peaceful shores.
Meanwhile, we offer what we believe people want, need and deserve:
Quality eCigarettes and eSmoking Products & Accessories at reasonable prices.
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