The business of education revolves around the harsh reality of budgets but fortunately, great things can be done with even small budgets if done correctly and efficiently.  This is where R.E.E.S comes to the rescue.

We will work with your budget to give students the knowledge and training they require to succeed in the real world.  Small, medium, or large...you tell us what dollar numbers you have to work with and we can guide you to create a renewable energy training program that works.  This may include the instructor and the classroom materials, as well as the equipment needed for the "hands-on" component of the training.  Of course, larger budgets typically provide more equipment but smaller budgets can sometimes be just as effective in the right training context.

Call us!  Tell us your needs and give us your "wish list".  We can discuss our services and what we can do for you without any cost or obligation.  

We want to save you time and money by being your single-source for renewable energy education!