REIG is a multifaceted real estate investment firm based in Northern San Diego County. At REIG, our focus of revitalizing communities is coupled with an unfailing commitment to exceed expectations, and strong relationships built on unbending trust and hard work. Today we have interwoven our love and gifting of real estate with a calling to make a lasting impression on people’s lives through the ownership, management, and repair of multifamily and residential real estate.

REIG Renovations focuses on rebuilding San Diego communities through acquiring distressed residential properties and repositioning them in the market place.

REIG Asset Management specializes in value-add multifamily repositioning. REIG has a keen focus on in-depth analysis, disciplined acquisitions and streamlined processes and planning. At REIG, we have a heart to serve hurting apartment communities. We always give a portion of our proceeds back in gratitude and want to make a lasting impression on every person’s life. Through our community approach to redevelopment, we can have a foundational impact on the family unit. The family unit is the most important staple to sustain our country and freedom for the next generation. The family’s success starts with having a safe and secure place to live. Creating a clear strategy to maximize the efficiency of the property, as well as that of the community within it, is our simple approach to each project. Through integrity and exceeding the expectations of our tenants, communities and people prosper.  We focus on ROI whether it is a return on investment or a return on individuals.

REIG Construction is the premier multifamily remodeling company in San Diego County. REIG Construction offers services in nearly every facet of the industry. Through the combination of imagination and experience, our team of experts will efficiently manage your project from conception through completion. At REIG, we know that the foundation of a project’s success is built upon a strong framework of knowledge and understanding. We effectively align strategies and resources with the best solutions to getting your project completed on time, and on budget.

REIG Construction offers a wide array of apartment renovation services:
-Preconstruction and design development
-Comprehensive interior remodeling
-Full unit upgrades
-Exterior Aesthetic renovations
-Amenities, fountains, pools, recreation areas, and dog parks
-Site-work, landscaping, and hardscaping
-Water intrusion correction and mold remediation
-Structural repair (wood and concrete repair)
-Management and consulting services
-Quality control and safety management

REIG's core values are build right into the acronym that is REIG:
Revitalizing communities | Elevating expectations | Integrity first | Gratitude always