RENT-A-RESORT will support event-planners wishing to rent an entire hotel resort for their event, no matter if corporate events like incentives, seminars, product launches or private events like weddings.

The idea behind this new concept is to offer a complete resort with all facilities to the group – at the same or an even better price than a regular room allotment. This is only possible because RENT-A-RESORT is in direct contact with a hundreds of resorts informing regularly on whether and when they will be able to rent their hotel exclusively and at a competitive price (mainly due to season-extensions). As a result it is known in advance which resort to contact in order to get a hotel buy-out at the lowest possible cost.

The new concept is based in Germany and was launched in June 2015 with current focus on resorts in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Region. RENT-A-RESORT is targeting corporate event planners from all over Europe but also agencies and wedding planners. The concept will not replace event services but it will serve as a support to identify the most competitive prices.

For further information and pictures, please contact:
Miriam Lisa (Public Relations Manager) at m.lisa@rent-a-resort.com or visit the website www.rent-a-resort.com.