Those who are seeking spiritual connection and expression, yet feel uncomfortable with conventional religion (shown by surveys to be a majority of the UK population)
People from different religious backgrounds who wish to honour more than one faith tradition (in a marriage or child blessing ceremony, for instance).
Those struggling with issues they find difficult to raise within their faith (for example, questioning of sexuality).
We are not creating a new religion, but filling a growing spiritual gap in modern society. It's not our aim to convert anyone away from their faith, but to support people who wish to enquire more deeply into their own spiritual tradition and their own soul. 
Hawthorn cove is involved in conducting weddings, funerals and blessing ceremonies.  We have started  worship communities and spiritual education programmes.     Along with  offering spiritual counselling - privately, or in hospitals, hospices, colleges and schools.  

Legal standing of ministers
Interfaith ministers come under the legal category of 'non-conformist', and as with all faith communities other than the Church of England, are ordained and certified by our own self-governing community, operating independently of the state