R.Estate Fin (www.restatefin.com) is India’s first and only online platform for professionals involved in the field of real estate finance to disseminate their expertise and knowledge to enhance the collective wisdom of the real estate fraternity. R.Estate Fin is a place for aspiring students or individuals looking to make a career in real estate finance to start their journey.

R.Estate Fin has been created by industry veterans having substantial experience in the real estate finance industry. During their career, they have faced difficulties time and again to acquire knowledge and domain expertise by doing their research both on a primary as well as secondary basis. This platform aspires to solve this problem for the next generation of professionals. The founding team envisions to provide a common repository of knowledge, tools, techniques, and frameworks to the beginners, intermediates, and experts alike in the field of real estate finance.

Real Estate Finance is a highly specialized field that requires domain knowledge of various other fields with substantial deviations. These fields include knowledge of finance, legal, compliance, technical, regulatory, sales, marketing, economics, etc.

We at R.Estate Fin endeavor to make the lives of budding real estate professionals simple by providing a standardized learning platform.

Our services and offerings will keep evolving with us.

We invite all the Real Estate Finance Professionals to join us!!!