RFiD Discovery is the recognised brand name for radio frequency identification solutions from Paragon ID, a global leader in identification solutions.

We provide RFID tracking solutions to a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, retail, industrial and manufacturing. As an independent systems provider we specialise in fully integrated automation and tracking solutions combining relevant hardware and software technologies to meet the specific demands of our customers. Used in a growing number of hospitals across the UK for over 12 years, RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for active and passive RFID systems in the healthcare sector.

Our experience and technical know-how ensure you receive the very best advice from a supplier you can rely on. RFID Discovery is backed by a new support hub to ensure you get the advice and help you need.

As part of Paragon ID RFiD Discovery is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14,001, ISO 27,001 and ISO 50,001 and holds the status of GS1 UK and Ireland industry partner.