The publishing and marketing family owned business of authors Tress Riddle and R. Frederick Riddle.

Tress Riddle is working on her first debut novel. She is being very secretive. It's a real mystery.

R. Frederick Riddle has authored several Christian fiction books. Most are behind the scenes stories taken from the Bible. One novel is a behind the scenes of the War of 1812 and involves Mr. Riddle's ancestors.

T&R Independent Books is a Christ-centered business that will be publishing both authors books in the future. In addition, T&R has affiliated with Amazon.com and will act as a venue for selected books by other authors. The first such author is Jerry Jenkins.

T&R also includes the Authors Academy where new and experienced authors can learn how to write at their own pace. In addition to writing they learn the basics of:

1) Setting up their own business (Indie Author)
2) Publishing, especially Indie publishing
3) Marketing