The publishing and marketing family owned business of authors Tess & R. Frederick Riddle.

R. Frederick Riddle has authored several Christian fiction books. Most are behind the scenes stories taken from the Bible. One novel is a behind the scenes of the War of 1812 and involves Mr. Riddle's ancestors. His series The World That Perished covers the great men of Genesis from Adam to Joseph. He is also the author of the What's True About series which takes difficult doctrinal subjects and condenses them into easy reading books for the common man which he claims, "describes me."

Tess Riddle is the author of Keys to Murder, which is the first book of the series Rita Honeycoutt. She also is the author of Chatting with Tess: Walking with God, her first book of the ladies devotional series. And she is working on future novels and devotionals.

T&R Independent Books is a Christ-centered business that publishes their books plus offers writing services for pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and other Christian leaders who write or want to write books.