RHYDBURG PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED was originally constituted in the year 1987, with its registered office at Delhi and manufacturing unit situated at the outskirts of Delhi (Kundli, Haryana). The company’s main targets then were government institutions. In 1995, with the rapid changes in the manufacturing industry the management was brought under the leadership of Mr. Ashok Monga, who took over the company’s day to day affairs and strategic planning. Since then the company has been doing wonders and has shown exponential growth. The company reached a 100% utilization of the installed capacities at it's manufacturing facility in 1997. By 2000 the company was catering most of the government institutions throughout India and had simultaneously launched its Generic and Franchise Marketing Divisions country wide.

With the introduction of new marketing divisions the company’s profits touched new heights. The then installed capacities were already over utilised and thus new machineries were brought in. The company’s success story is one of its kinds because of its sky rocketing turnover graph which increased by about two folds almost every year...

RHYDBURG experienced a set-back with the advent of the MRP based excise duty in 2005 which lead to increase in the transfer prices eventually resulted in shutting down of most of the units. The company took this as an opportunity and planned to set-up an ultra modern facility in the dust free green lushes of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. With fiscal benefits such as rebate in excise duty, income tax, sales tax, etc. it proved to be the perfect catalyst for growth. The state-of-the-art centrally air conditioned ultra modern facility with a set of highly experienced staff, has its own fully equipped QA & QC Labs with a separate dedicated team heads looking after both the departments and reporting directly to the Technical Director.

The company has also launched its Ethical division in the year 2007 in Assam and with a field force of about 40 personnel guided by a Manager directly reporting to the Divisional Head. The division, against the beliefs of most of the people, reached such a level that two new states have been shortlisted and the launch is expected in about two months. With the exhaustive product pool of more than 500 varied dosage forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Topical Preparations, Lotions, Liquids, Orals, Drops, External,  Ayurvedic, Injectables, Dry Syrups in both Beta-lactum and Non-Beta-lactum Sections the company is also planning to bring up few more sections with one-of-its-kind manufacturing facility.

The company’s future plan is to make investments in fields of contract research and new drug discovery and is already on a look out for suitable alliance. Future plans of management include overseas mergers and collaborations to further strengthen its roots in the industry and emerge as a global leader. The company aims to provide excellent services and quality products to the domestic and international market through its most advanced equipments bought from none other than the brand leaders of their respective fields. It has carved for itself a separate niche in the pharmaceuticals industry through values of fair dealing and genuine work policy. From the very beginning RHYDBURG believes in the proverb that “A bad penny always turns up” and has always sown seeds of profitable growth, equity in relationship, commitment, transparency and mutually beneficial relationship.