While designing a mobile application, a set of factors has to be considered by the designer and developer. The fiercely competitive world is coming forth with new and enriched features by the day. Thus the companies need to have something which is uncommon about their service. Keeping this in mind, RideBoom came forth with a unique service; gender-based taxi services. The company got the application designed with several features on the top of their mind. They wanted the Australian Taxi App to be user-centric, highly interactive, and easy to use and handle by both the riders and the drivers.
•     The company aims to offer advantages to both the riders and the drivers. They have carved services which are beneficial for both the sections. Hence the company has fetched great reviews and is one of the top-notch service providers in Australia.
•     Lady riders are often worried about availing services from men as obvious insecurities grip their minds. But now they have the power of selecting lady drivers to reach their destination. They have the power in their hands and the service is just a click or tap away.
•     Drivers have found a source of easy extra income and they can continue with their normal job schedules and also manage driving as a part-time indulgence to make extra income.
•     The cars are highly maintained and the range is wide. Both luxury and economy ride is made available for the riders.
•     The company does not indulge in surge pricing. It is happy to maintain a uniform pricing system through the day and night. This is one of the major advantages of the users and they can easily avail the service at any time. The services are available round the clock.
•     RideBoom is a ride share app with an enriched mobile application to cater to the varied requirements of the users and drivers with ease.

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