RJVibe, the new vibrant face of direct marketing with rapid growth and effective results. We open our doors to the multicultural town of Luton, offering a wide array of services to our clients. We specialise in increasing market share and maximising customer profile, we ensure we tailor our services to the needs of our clients in a face to face environment.

RJVibe have goals and ambitions to grow across Europe in the next 18 months and are currently sourcing clients in some of Europe’s most happening cities. Offering international opportunities and growth is just a small dose of Owner Glen Newton’s short term plans, be it working within telecoms or the entertainment industry we have a vision to dominate the market, whilst helping our clients do the same. With fresh ideas we work together with our clients to bring new strengths during the somewhat struggling economy. Delivering rapid results to a high standard means we will continue to grow and strengthen our sales and marketing systems.

Here at RJVibe we know with the right mentality and focus combined with a second to none work ethic we prepare today to grow tomorrow.
Face to face marketing has hit an all time boom, being the most profitable and cost effective way to get your brand recognised, we are able to deliver sustainable and consistent result within the ever growing industry of direct marking, RJVibe strive to deliver:

Measurable growth
Visible profit increases
A risk free approach
Professional face to you company
A vibrant reputation
Customer feedback
Personal service
Attention to detail
All your sales and marketing needs
Mission Statement
What ever the task, what ever the event, what ever the problem we apply ourselves 100%. Not only will we excel in the task and solve every problem, we are no longer bound to the reality of expectation and undoubtably always exceed limitation. when things seem out of reach, with the correct attitude, work ethic and drive to learn and improve not even the sky is our limit.
Offering a personal service from every perspective from our clients wants to customer needs. Our only stipulation is it is face to face. Other than that we aim to deliver whatever your needs from brand awareness, customer acquisition, and impeccable customer service. We will meet with you and create a situation that benefits us all. We maintain the highest of standards and are proud to work in a fun and vibrant environment which is still maintained at a professional level.

We can expect above satisfactory results with a smile on our face, making a difference to your business and your customers alike. All we expect is your honest feedback to help ourselves move forward. Ideally you will provide us with a clear outline of what your vision is for your company and we will work together to create a clear set path to deliver the results you desire.

Customer is always right
We understand that the customer is always right and using aface to face approach it enables us to continue to receive constructive feedback to help us deliver the highest standard of customer interaction. With the ability to understand your customer needs and therefore we believe building relationships with your customers is vital. As word of mouth is by far the best form of increasing market share.

Client is never wrong
The benefits of effectively being the middle man are that we can leave everybody happy, creating strong and fundamental relationships between a business and their profit. Reducing workload and stress for businesses large and small as well as making profit margins hit all time highs. We can approach the public in 3 different formats, business to business, events and promotions and business to consumer. You tell us what you want and we will tailor our services to you.