Our company was created with a passion based on unique jewelry designs in gold, silver, and gemstones. We love matching dream designs to everyone who loves jewelry, beauty, and items that never existed before.

We feature the art of Michael R. Alix.

Alix has developed his own take on painting, which he titles “Repainting” that is at once wholistic -- seeing art as a complete temporal range, spanning the Ancient, Classical, Modern, Contemporary, and “Outsider” periods -- and a process of perpetual experimentation and invention. He describes himself as a professional fine arts painter who engages in experimental art, rather than as an “artist.”

Paint as the Skin of Things

According to Michael Alix, objects around us are defined by their skin, their external appearance as phenomena. The objects or products of art are at once stagnant moments encapsulated in time and objects undergoing change—coming into and going out of being. The latter view allows us to see art as a series of accretions, of structures that are “painted” into being. The ancients understood this changeability of art when they repainted their temples and statues. And it is regrettable that they never learned to repaint their murals, as most have frittered away and disappeared.

We live in a world that is available for repainting. – for the adaptation of one artistic product into another. Keith Haring painted parts of the Berlin Wall (and those murals came down in shards with the wall). We should adapt our surroundings to changeable art and not adapt our art to our surroundings in hopes that they won’t change.