R. Nichols began his company one cold October back in 1996 in the dark windowless basement of his parents’ home.  After leaving a job at a large retail company, he found himself searching for a career and a purpose, so he began cutting and pasting.  The cuts and pastes turned into collages, which then turned into a small line of note cards and home products.  Mrs. Dater, his 6th grade teacher was paramount to his artistic development.  Of the many demands Mrs. Dater required, one was to do monumental artwork in cut paper.  These cutting assignments consumed      R. Nichols’s 6th grade weekends, and are the reason R. Nichols, LLC exists today.
    All of R. Nichols designs incorporate his 6th grade skill and begin as intricate hand cut paper collages using Fiskars® scissors, quality color papers and an UHU® glue stick.  The art is then color separated, off-set printed and turned into witty cards, stationery and other items.  Inspiration comes to R. Nichols (often in the middle of the night) from everyday life and travel.  He tries to avoid trends, but rather relies on his own instincts to stay ahead of the curve.  
    R. Nichols stationery has cultivated a devoted following.  His customers love his designs because they are not only elegant but humorous.  One customer recently wrote, “When I come across a new R. Nichols design, it is to me much like discovering a new pair of Manolo Blahniks is to other women.”  
    With a background in retail, R. Nichols has always had a dream to open a R. Nichols store.  In December 2007 The R. Nichols Shop opened in Orlando, Florida.  The R. Nichols Shop is 200 square feet of perfection and stunningly displays the R. Nichols collection of stationery, grocery totes, wall art, t-shirts and mugs against a crisp white background.  The store has been a real inspiration for R. Nichols and has driven him to design more and more stationery.
    R. Nichols, LLC provides wholesale and retail products to consumers and stores nationally and internationally.   R. Nichols illustrated the international best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat and French Women for all Seasons both by Mireille Guiliano.  Other projects include product illustrations for Target, Harper Collins, Fresh, Inc., Clicquot, Inc., Kate’s Paperie, Fiskars®, Time Magazine Asia, Space NK (London) and Gump’s San Francisco.  
    R. Nichols, LLC is located in very, very sunny (swampy hot) Orlando, Florida.  Not a Florida native, R. Nichols still spends half the year trying to stay inside air conditioning as much as possible.  R. Nichols’ heart is in the North Carolina mountains, where he goes to regenerate and work on large projects.  R. Nichols is adorable, single and only dates super models.  Well, that’s not really true (the super model part).