Whether the politicians, economy or just “the others” don’t do enough to save this planet, is not the point! As long as we, the consumers do not change our behaviour and demand to gain more sustainability, nothing will change! It is still a fact that demand determines supply. Furthermore, RPeople help the suppliers. The bigger the community becomes the better we’ll see where the demands in the consumer market are. We will be able to get specifically needed products faster and also see where improvements are demanded. That’s why we decided to build a social network and a platform in one. The responsibility lies in our everyday action to ensure an enjoyable future for generations to come.

Let us introduce ourselves: We are Vanessa and Gernot, the founders of the RPeople. For years we have been trying to live a greener lifestyle, and experienced difficulties in changing living habits as efficiently as we wished. Why? Well, the common complaint; a big workload with family and business chores, staying healthy etc. We simply found little time to concentrate fully on directing our energies to living an eco- friendly lifestyle. For example, re-wiring the apartment ecologically is not a task you get done in five minutes. You also have to find out the best way of doing it first. It took a lot of time surfing the internet to find out about the best possibilities, and even more time to actually do it. For a while we kept on postponing such projects, as one sometimes does with dieting or changing a light bulb in a room not often used. A lot of other things seemed more important than changing our lifestyle to a greener one. One day, however, we read about the plastic ocean, which kind of freaked us out. We had heard about it before, but never really spent time thinking about it or visualizing it. Only when we started to get a feel for what was happening to our planet, did we know we had to change things fast. Our prioritization of tasks changed dramatically.

We realized that many other people still do not live a greener lifestyle to save our planet because of the same obstacles we had experienced earlier: A big workload can cause us to postpone the changes we would want to make. In return, we feel bad about not making those changes. As a result, we may choose to look the other way altogether – a familiar human reaction. Particularly when you are confronted with threats like „It’s five to twelve to save Planet Earth“ on the news, but do not get real hands-on advice as to what to change, and how to go about doing it.

We suddenly wanted to bring all the important practical day-to-day information together on one site, and also let people share their values and learning experiences in living a greener lifestyle. No criticising, no panic-making, only positive motivation and hands-on assistance. We love life. We want to dedicate our work in making a contribution to insure immediate assistance for us all to create a better world in which to live for us all – today and tomorrow.

We hope we could give you a good idea about who we are, and what course we are taking. We also hope you are inspired to join us in supporting the efforts of the people around the world to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful life, and look forward to meeting you on the www.rpeople.com, where we can share and celebrate everyone’s successful progress in living a more respectful way with one another on this wonderful Planet Earth.

Fond wishes, Vanessa and MG