R & R Travel is a Group Travel Organizing business that plans and escorts groups of leisure vacationers to Asian Countries. The company escorts 3 to 6 groups to Asian Countries per year.  The principals of the company are Preston Bennett and Sheila Randel, Senior Travel Organizers.  For 2013 and 2014, R & R has organized:

-  Thailand for Veterans and Friends
-  Once in a Lifetime; Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)
-  Vietnam for Travel Writers

Preston travelled the world, both in the military and in his two, month long immersion trips in Thailand.  In the U.S. Army, Vietnam Era, he served on the DMZ in Korea and did temporary duty in Vietnam.

▪  Experience in Thailand
∙ Participated in the daily life of Thai villagers
∙ Worked on a Rice Farm in Surin
∙ Participated in ceremonies and celebrations;
  such as for the building of a new temple.

▪  Organizations
∙ Formerly a member of the Board of Directors of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas.
∙ Formerly the Commander of the Eastern KS Young Marines (Youth Group) 2003 to 2005

▪  Travel Role
A passionate traveler and escort who loves exploring exotic places, meeting people, learning about different cultures, history and traditions and sharing the experiences with others.

▪  Sheila Traveled to Germany, Holland, Canada and extensively in the United States. She has lived in Kansas City, Tacoma, Washington and now Henderson, NV.

▪  Education
Associate Degree and in progress toward a Travel and Tourism degree at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  
∙Certified by Cvent, a hospitality and tourism management online travel university.
▪  Travel Role
Sheila  has taken the Lead  role  as liaison with  our Destination Management Companies and  in planning the upcoming Thailand, Japan and Vietnam group trips.  Her many affiliations with  Asian peoples and their philosophy has led to her special interests in the cultures of Asia, particularly Japan,  China, India and SE Asia.  She is a  passionate traveler and escort who loves exploring the world and sharing it with others. Sheila will escort the Japan and Vietnam trips in 2014.