Relive Research & Development, Corp. designs natural supplements for human improvement utilizing the elements of nature and principles of chemical engineering. We have created the concept of Conscious Sports Nutrition, utilizing all natural extracts and ingredients that not only increase performance and produce results in the present, but also provide support for long-term health and vitality.

Not just for athletes and fitness professionals anymore, the science of sports nutrition is effective and beneficial for everyday use by all people. Take advantage of the power of nature harnessed in our products for enhancement on physical form and the enjoyment of a healthy and vibrant life.

Don Schneider combined his passion for health, fitness, environment and life with his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and industry experience as chemist and plant manager for Optimum Nutrition to revolutionize the sports nutrition industry.  He founded Relive Research & Development and created the concept of Conscious Sports Nutrition™ to not only improve human performance and efficiency, but to do so utilizing powerful natural products that simultaneously increase overall health, wellness, and longevity.  RRD Corp accomplishes the creation and production of its products with the help of research and manufacturing partners, working with only the most respected, conscious, and distinguished nutritional and biotechnology companies, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers from around the world to ensure the highest quality natural and scientifically proven ingredients are the foundation for our formulas.  We enhance the expertise of these leading companies through the design of our synergistic formulas.

Don and the company’s philosophy is that health conscious design and careful selection and processing of ingredients for our natural products is just part of the responsibility that will be met.  RRD Corp turns conscious thought and philosophy into action and education and also develops, produces, and sponsors events and programs designed to motivate and improve physical, mental, and spiritual health, heighten environmental awareness, and inspire goodwill in the community.  Through affiliations and action partners significant global impact will be achieved.

Years of research and human trials led to the formulation of the original product line of React Energy Plus™, Redefine Weightloss Plus™, and Rebuild Strength Plus™ supplements in 2006.  These natural supplement products were first used exclusively by active professionals in the modeling and entertainment industry looking for a healthy supplement to compliment their lifestyles and to help perfect their physical form. Regular use spread to friends and family and collegues,  across genders and age catagories and all walks of life. Soon the secret had to be shared with others, so in 2009 the introductory product, React, was first distributed to a select group of nutritional stores, natural health food stores, gyms, and wellness centers.  
React Energy Plus™ is the introductory supplement to motivate and initiate action and to provide a new conscious option for energy, fat burning and weight loss assistance.  Unlike the other commercially available energy products, drinks, and shots and fat burners filled with synthetic ingredients and chemicals designed to provide a temporary stimulation, React Energy Plus™ is created using carefully chosen natural herbs and extracts that are beneficially to long term health, fat loss, and improved physique in addition to the immediate energy improvement and performance enhancement.  Everyone should be able to enjoy their lives with energy and vitality and reach their health and fitness goals effectively and efficiently.  React Energy Plus™  has helped enable this for many individuals and groups and Redefine Weightloss™ and Rebuild Strength Plus™ products to be added to the line in 2012 add additional tools for the React Energy Plus™ consumer as well as appeal to completely different catagories of consumers.