Ribbons and Strings Ensembles add the soul-stirring beauty of live music to your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We feature combinations of stringed instruments, including violin, viola, and cello. Weddings are our specialty, but we are available to perform for all types of social gatherings and special events.

Music Repertoire
Each performer is an experienced, professional musician with a great reputation and a deep love of all genres of music. Together, we have developed a huge repertoire of music, from time-honored classics to today’s popular songs. Let us know your favorite song; we will be sure to include it to make your special day even more memorable. Our repertoire includes music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Eras plus music in many genres, including Celtic tunes, traditional Jewish music, and popular tunes from today and yesterday.

Our Ensembles
You can choose an ensemble to match your personal taste and budget. Each group has custom music arrangements and a unique sound.

Razumovsky String Quartet
Our signature ensemble, the Razumovsky String Quartet, consists of two violins, viola, and cello. This grouping of instruments can produce a full-bodied sound when needed or provide quiet background music when appropriate. Listen to a sample recording. You won’t believe that so much music can be produced by only four musicians.

Triad String Trio
Our trio can be configured in the traditional way: violin, viola, and cello. For a somewhat lighter sound, the configuration can consist of two violins and one viola. For each configuration we have custom arrangements covering a fabulous variety of music in all styles.

Debonair String Duo
For the ultimate in intimate sound, choose the Debonair String Duo for your special occasion. Our flexible repertoire enables you to choose any combination of two instruments: two violins, two violas, violin, plus viola, viola plus cello—you get the idea.

Fun Decorations
In the early days, we were once asked to decorate our instruments with ribbons, using colors that were complementary to the wedding decorations. We thought it was a great idea, and the guests loved it too! We soon made it an important part of our theme, even incorporating the idea into our name: Ribbons and Strings Ensembles. Decorate your wedding and your string ensemble!