Rebuilding Together Seattle is the leading community revitalization partner focused on addressing substandard, unsafe, and unhealthy housing conditions. As part of the national Rebuilding Together network, our 140 affiliates repair 10,000 homes annually with the help of nearly 100,000 volunteers. We leverage resources and partnerships to offer home repair and modification services to low-income homeowners and nonprofit facilities at entirely no cost to them. Our coordinated approach between residents, volunteers, municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and other partner organizations builds and sustains safe, healthy, and thriving communities. More than housing repair, we improve health outcomes, stabilize housing and homeownership, and reduce the need for new affordable housing. Our work preserves treasured memories and restores social connections, while celebrating community through the strengthening of our neighborhoods. Together we can build safe homes and communities for everyone.

More than 98% of our operating budget comes from individual donors and community partners. We are proud to be an organization that people, companies, and other nonprofits choose to support in recognizing the important gaps in our housing solutions that we fill. Thank you to the thousands of supporters who have powered our mission over the last 28 years! We hope that you will join them in meeting the challenges we will face as public safety net programs are reduced, our population ages, and the pressures of preserving safe and affordable housing mount. Your gift can have immediate, tangible impact on the lives of neighbors in need and our communities as a whole. Learn more at www.rtseattle.org.