Reinvigorating Luxuries as Fresh and Delicious as they should be
The combination of Nature’s finest and most carefully sourced ingredients expressed in perfectly developed recipes of beverages that look luxurious, and taste delicious.
That’s the special collection of refreshing beverages that Ruvy is preparing in order to make your days feel fresh and taste wonderful.
From our Green Iced Tea proposition, which is made with premium Green Tea leaves, Ginseng and Honey, to our Pomegranate Cherry Juice, which combines the antioxidant powers and delightful fragrances of Pomegranate and Cherries, we are bringing a catalog of five juice flavors and five iced tea recipes for the uplifting moments that you deserve to enjoy!

The Freshest Answer to Everyday Problems
Everything looks better and lighter when you’re having a fresh juice or iced tea while you’re figuring out how to complete a complex project, or commuting under the asphyxiating heat of a hot summer afternoon, or simply getting a uniquely clean and uplifting kick of raw natural energy after a powerful session at the gym. That’s at least how at Ruvy Beverages we see things: after all, the perfect blend of hot pressed carrots and oranges with a homebrew taste can do wonders for your days. That’s why we’re working hard to bring you these extraordinary beverages that are obtained through an almost artistic production method: yes, we take your needs and the way a juice or an iced tea can satisfy them in a really serious way!