RVPlusYou.com is a platform made up of RV (Recreational Vehicle) enthusiasts, owners, and renters. We bring RV renters together with RV owners who want to make a little or a lot of extra money renting their home on wheels.

Here is where we're different, RVPlusYou rents delivered and setup RV's. That's right, no driving for renters and limited risk for owners! RVPlusYou.com has designed a state of the art web platform that allows travelers to search out unique outdoor camping and RV park locations, then match those locations with an RV owner looking to place his or her RV in that location. Reservations are made, the owner places the RV and sets it up completely. The RV renter (guest) simply drives up and starts enjoying the great outdoors and usually for a fraction of the cost of renting a big, hard to drive motor home from the corporate guys.

RVPlusYou.com also allows RV storage, repair, and RV maintenance companies to add their profile to our site and accept business from RV owners who want to hire them place their RV for rent, repair their RV, or simply have it cleaned and maintained. The RV owner has the option of sharing rental revenue with the RV host support provider who tows the RV to the chosen campground, sets it up, and helps with check-in as needed. The RV Host Support provider then returns at check-out to pick up the RV and return it to storage.

Finally, RVPlusYou allows private and public campgrounds, RV parks, wineries, or other private parties to offer their location for rent. RV owners and renters have the option of securing a unique location for camping, wine tasting, or simply visiting friends for a reunion when the house is full of guests. People are placing our rented RV's all over to accommodate guests when the rooms in the house are full. With a full kitchen and bath, a placed RV from RVPlusYou.com is perfect solution for long term rentals needed for extended work projects.

There are 10 million underutilized RV's across North America and the world. RVPlusYou let's entrepreneurs in the RV community get creative and offer all kinds of services centered around the RV rental. Explore RVPlusYou.com and see for yourself. You just might find a whole new career waiting for you!