Residential Warranty Company, LLC is a leading provider of third-party, insured home warranties throughout the US. In business for 30 years, Residential Warranty Company, LLC has warranted approximately 3 million homes and is an expert in the field of risk management. Builders looking for options in coverage, for reliable warranty protection, and for assistance in dealing with complex customer service issues are looking to RWC for solutions. Available programs include warranties for new homes, remodeling projects, building systems, manufactured homes, detached garages, conversion projects and commercial projects. Also available is General Liability Insurance for members through the RWC Insurance Advantage. RWC's insurer is rated "A- (Excellent)" by A.M. Best.

10 Year New Home Warranties provided by RWC are 3rd-party insured warranties, providing a specific set of written standards to spell out coverage.  Historically, the standard ten year new home warranty is what this industry has provided and is the coverage builders have become accustomed to over the last 30 years.  Ten year warranties are an effective way to deal with a variety of issues including customer service, marketing, government-financed loans and mandated new home legislation.   RWC provides new home warranty options which are approved by FHA and VA which means less paperwork to fill out, no pre-approvals and potentially more qualified buyers for builders.

The coverage provided by an RWC 10 year new home warranty includes: 1 Year of Coverage on Workmanship & Materials, 2 Years of Coverage on Selected Portions of Mechanical Systems and 10 Years of Coverage on Major Structural Components.  Builder liability is limited to 2 years and every RWC warranty product provides an effective dispute resolution system which includes free mediation.  If needed, a formal binding arbitration process is also available.

RWC’s Customized State Warranty Program is the most unique and specialized warranty program in the industry.  Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding new home warranties.  For example, statutes in IN require that roof systems be warranted by the builder for 4 years so the RWC Indiana Warranty includes that coverage.  In Iowa, structural components of homes must be warranted for 15 years, so in that state, the warranty term is 15 years.

The coverage provided by a RWC customized state warranty includes: 1 Year of Coverage on Workmanship & Materials (unless otherwise mandated by state statute), and Coverage on Major Structural Components based on state statutes.  Individual state requirements for coverage are included if applicable.   Builder liability is limited to 1 year and every RWC warranty product provides an effective dispute resolution system includes free mediation.  If needed, a formal binding arbitration process is also available.  RWC’s insurers cover warranted structural failures throughout the warranty term.

Through the RWC Insurance Advantage, RWC Members (and Members in affiliated programs) have access to various lines of commercial insurance including General Liability, Builder’s Risk and Contractor’s Equipment, just to name a few.  Because the RIA program is offered exclusively to builder members, they are able to avoid the high risks associated with other commercial operations.  Thus, they keep the cost of claims low and pass the savings on to the builder. Benefits include: Total risk management for builders when combined with an RWC (or Affiliate) structural warranty, flexibility of limits, options to meet a builder's specific needs, program is underwritten by insurance carriers rated at least “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best, competitive pricing, streamlined underwriting, and no monthly reporting.

RWC offers a complete menu of insured written warranty programs tailored to the specific needs of manufacturers of building systems including modular, log and panelized structures.  Options include 10 year new home warranties, 5 year warranties for additions; and commercial warranties.  The Manufacturer’s liability is limited to 1 year and the coverage provided applies exclusively to work done by the Manufacturer.  Work supplied by the builder on site, including foundations, is excluded but may be covered under a separate builder warranty if desired.

RWC offers a flexible remodeler warranty program for remodelers looking for added warranty protection and increased marketability.  In today’s market, a customer’s sense of security is critical.  Homeowners want to be sure the work being done to their home is by a quality contractor.  RWC’s Remodeler Warranty sets a remodeler apart from your competition and provides the much needed security customers crave.  RWC offers warranty options to better fit the nature and scope of each project.

Regardless of the nature or scope of a building project, RWC has risk management solutions for builders!

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