About the Artist
Mychel Russell-Ward was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and she always had pretty
rocks in her pockets. As a child she was a curious tomboy. Whenever she locked herself out
of the house, which happened a lot, she haunted the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn
Public Library. From an early age she was heavily influenced by ancient near eastern art,
particularly Assyrian and Egyptian sculpture. She went on to earn a BA in Economics, then a
JD, and was beginning a career in law when fate intervened.
In 2006 she met Cecelia Bauer, a distinguished master goldsmith, who taught her classical
jewelry making and Etruscan granulation. It was a natural fit. That year Mychel started
Russell-Ward Studio and began working constantly to master these disciplines. She honed her
skills by showing her metalwork in curated gallery exhibitions and by executing one-of-a-kind
private commissions. Over time she developed a distinctive style using granulation and
filigree as a form of line art executed in three dimensional space, using metal to draw on
All Russell-Ward Studio jewels are handmade using stones ranging from the sacred to the
profane set in silver and gold. She incorporates ancient and modern aesthetics to produce
contemporary jewelry that is classical but not afraid to be different.