At Raacho Trekkers, We offer a wide experience of the Himalayas starting from non-technical and technical trekking, to snow leopard safaris and tribal festivals and monastery/temple tours to the remote Himalayas.

We believe in smaller groups as it helps us give extra attention to individuals and puts lesser pressure on the environment. Being environmentally conscious is of high priority and we choose sustainable methods of waste disposal.  We individually desire and strongly believe in cleanliness and hygiene so you will only find the neatest and cleanest of gear and food. Comfort cannot be far, and we ensure it to the limit possible; be it the only company to provide foam mattress in tents, to the quality of food. We are in it for the love of it. And you will feel it too. Being native to the region, we understand the fragility of the mountain ecosystem and need to protect the primitive culture of mountain people. We always try to discover the routes less traveled by and reveal spell bounding beauty of the Himalayas to the world.