Races2U® uses the latest in Digital Slot Car technology to bring you all the fun and excitement of real racing you can have without a driver’s license! With Digital Slot Car racing, up to eight cars can compete on a single track. With lane changes, overtaking, and pit stops, real racing strategy and skill are involved. With the digital system, a computer keeps track of your laps and times, and displays who is winning in real time!  

So What is Mobile Digital Slot Car Racing?
Mobile - The track is set up at your location, and there are many track options available for both indoors and outdoors. Our self-contained slot car trailers are a ready-to-go race in a box.
Digital - Each race car is individually microchipped and matched to a controller, and a computer monitors each cars performance – in real time.
Slot Car Racing - The cars remain on the track via a guide on the car that fits in a slot or groove on the track. Up to 8 cars can compete on a single track.

Car Shows, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, School Fundraisers, Trade show booth attraction, Corporate team building- Whatever your event, Races2U® is more than just a party game, and can be a fun and economical alternative to traditional entertainment. And if you're a real race fan, nothing beats it! Races2U® also does custom track design and construction. Contact us if you would like a permanent track in your home or business.