My business is that of author/illustrator. I have publsihed five, I believe, chapbooks of poetry to date and my first novel is coming up. I am a member of the National League of American Penwomen in both arts and letters. therefore I am a judge in our chapter's annual poetry contest.
I sell books, original art created by me, as well as prints, collectibles such as mugs and teeshirts.
Part of my responsibility lies with animal rescues. I 've long concerned my visual art both photography, paintings and drawings something I can offer the community via raffle or at benefit functions to raise awareness for animals in need of rescue. Therefore, not surprisingly, my subjects, quite often, are animals' of all kinds faces.
I give workshops on social networking and blogging to artist groups to further their exposure. I also have given poetry writing how-to workshops, as well as how to articles on subjects as wide ranging as using animals as photo subjects to keeping a "green" home office.
My primary goal is to establish a name for myself and a recognition of my brand in the community.