RachelAnna Consulting is a company that assists in building and promoting your working wardrobe. Founded by Rachel Yeomans, RachelAnna Consulting services working men and women throughout the Chicago-land area with premium wardrobe consultations that enable busy professionals to dress with aplomb. Whether you are a student working a job fair, a traveling sales professional, an upper manager, or a work-from-home mother, RachelAnna Consulting perfects your working wardrobe and makes it your own.

RachelAnna Consulting. Your style. Your life. Your Working Wardrobe.

Rachel Yeomans has been working in a corporate environment since graduating from college with a degree in journalism from Columbia College Chicago. She frequently found herself struggling to decide on what ensemble would make an impression within her industry that was both professional and fashionable. Once she discovered how to exude her own style and personality within her office dress code, she was amazed with how well it affected her work performance. She then decided to start a blog, TheWorkingWardrobe.com, on the topic of assisting professionals on finding their own business style. This proved to be a spearhead into Yeomans launching her career as a business style and fashion consultant, and thus launching her own company, RachelAnna Consulting. Yeomans also works as the Chicago Style and Event Contributor for fashion site LittleDesignerBook.com, and Fashion Editor for SecondCityStyle.com.