RF Site Surveys
         Today’s warehouse is typically a very busy environment, and our site survey team are equipped custom site survey kits that are fully self powered and eliminate the need for customers to have a man-lift on hand. We can perform onsite RF Site Survey activities in the busiest of facilities and in non-disruptive manner. Radiant also offers a RF Site Survey Lite for smaller facilities or sites that do not have challenging coverage needs or lower-data rate applications.

High Density RF network designs:
         For larger healthcare organizations with multi-floor WLAN deployment needs, our past and present reference accounts are readily available to assist you in your decision making process in choosing the right vendor that has the experience your mission critical project requires. For existing WLAN networks that require a expansion or re-scaling, we will build upon your existing investment and give you the client density support you need.

Voice-grade WLAN designs:

         Whether your Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) needs include Cisco©, Vocera©, or Spectra-Link©, our extensive experience in VoWLAN designs and implementation services can give you the peace of mind that your voice quality ‘over the air’ communications are secure and reliable.

Active RFID over 802.11x (Real-Time Location Services - RTLS)

           This emerging set of solutions for the enterprise WLAN provides for real-time asset tracking and location based services. Healthcare companies spend millions of dollars annually in man-hours searching for wheelchairs, IV pumps, hospital beds and other mobile assets. Radiant provides a wide range of solutions for your healthcare organization.

Spectrum Analysis Services:

           Radiant Networks offers a wide range of Spectrum services covering frequencies from 900 megahertz to 6 gigahertz. Healthcare facilities are rich with dissimilar RF systems deployed. Whether it’s Telemetry, Radiology, indoor cellular, or infant monitoring systems, Radiant Networks offers a wide range of professional grade tools and reporting capabilities to give you peace of mind your mission critical RF deployments and applications can so-exist .
RF Projection & Prediction Analysis:
RF Path Profiling  ●  RF Link Budget  ●  Link Feasibility

           The prudent approach to deploying any system is to understand exactly the variables involved and whether or not your design will meet the performance goals desired.  For a wireless deployment, these calculations can be made in advance to help make informed decisions.
           RF Path Profiles, invaluable in Wireless Bridging designs, illustrate the terrain features in the vertical plane between two locations.  Sophisticated software leverages U.S. Geological Survey terrain data to visualize what obstacles a proposed link would encounter.
           Link Budget is a detailed account of all gains and losses the RF signal would encounter along its path.
           Link Feasibility is a combination of the RF Path Profile data, Link Budget, and the performance specifications of the desired radio and antenna system.  The factors are weighed to determine if the system will meet performance and reliability goals.

Wireless Bridging, both Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint

RF Interference & WLAN System Troubleshooting

Wireless Security (Healthcare, Government, & Enterprise)
•     Monitoring & Integrity
•     Intrusion Detection
•     Intrusion Prevention

Wireless Installation Services
•     Staging & Configuration
•     Installation
•     Integration
•     Validation
•     Optimization