Pool Snooker Billiard Billiards Cue Stick India - Buy Original Online - Palko Grafex of Australia launches Multi Weight Pool Cues & Snooker Cues made with patented manufacturing technology without using any wood
Almost Unbreakable with No Wood Used patent Tennis Racket material Australian Cue Stick now in India
Radicura Enterprises is the the Authorised Exclusive Distributor for India for these almost unbreakable Cue Sticks made of tennis racket material
Their range of GRAFEX Cues is the only product of it's kind in the world of billiards today. The patents are based on study of torsion research which has yielded results with more power and spin as compared to traditional wood cue sticks.
It plays better than cheaper moulded graphite cues as well where the process is to just melt a composite and give it shape.
These Sticks have a proprietary foam as the base and layers upon layers of Graphite and Fiberglass making them light and strong.
The life of these cues is 5-10 times more than that of wooden cues that need replacing every 1-2 years due to warping.
There is absolutely no wood used in the manufacture of these models.
These cues can even be left in the car during extreme Indian summers without warping which is very much the case with wooden cues.
Being perfectly straight right from the start, these cues induce a better stroke and hence a better game.
It is only a matter of time before this product revolutionises the industry like graphite tennis rackets did.
All of the models of the mentioned cue stick range have a multi weight system making it an even better value for money.
This range comes prepacked with a hanging display packaging and just takes up one nail beam on the wall to save space.
This company is the only renowned international sporting goods manufacturer to be making a cue stick of this quality worldwide.
Ps. This will last the Indian climate: (wood bends out of shape in heat and humidity)