Hand In Hand – together we’re strong

The webradio station with topics about people with handicaps.

The social- and business development of the market is focussing more and more on the internet.  There are few regional broadcasting stations that support and report people with handicaps. We are bringing webradio closer to those children and teens that have to deal with these problems.

Establishing a radio program with topics for handicapped people, providing them with information and novelties on the market is not an easy task.  Our aim is to sensibly deal with these topics and thus also help to decrease the barriers in the heads of non-handicapped people.

Studios in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and the United States collate information daily so that they can be broadcasted globally.  Additionally you can retrieve interviews and live reports from the homepage of radio4humans.  Our  music news magazine also informs about new music releases.

To guarantee a smooth operation of Radio4Humas the association “Radio4Humans e.V.” has been set up. The aim of the association is to support the public – you can become member of “Radio4Humans e.V.” as well.  By doing this you can contribute to achieve the aim of Radio4Humans.

The association will assist and support projects working with teenagers, especially involving handicapped teens as well as all other handicapped people.  Projects which are focussing on the interests of teenagers and young adults will be supported.  They will be participating in the projects and will be involved in the decision-making and creative process.  This will enable them to establish self-determination and will encourage them to accept social responsibility as well as commitment.

The main topics of our radio shows are:
- Interaction of handicapped people in our society- barrier-free environments in our cities and communities
- anti-discrimination and equal opportunities in Germany and Europe
- Health as well as general news and information

Current music is one of the priorities of Radio4Humans.
Besides Rock & Pop we offer a wide range of music from Blues, Jazz, Southern- and Classic Rock to Folk, Pop Songs, Oldies, Rock & Roll and Country Music.