Raffle World is a way to help everyone sell/raffle or the ability to buy through a raffle at a greatly reduced price and help their favorite charities in the process. We are the middle man so to speak, kind of like the ebay of raffles but where on ebay can you get a house for $100 or a classic hot rod for $20.

Everyone needs help right now with all the economic troubles through out the world, with Raffle World we wanted to help those that need money for items that they cannot sell in a traditional sense due to the economy and help those that cannot normally afford to buy those items at a fraction of the cost instead of the full market value. Charities are not getting the funds they depend on due to the economy to help others in need, it's a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for everyone!

You can raffle off most anything such as raffle a car, raffle a house, raffle electronics, raffle appliances, raffle a boat, raffle equipment and more.