Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit more about  me. I have always had a passion for planning special events, and I am eager to  help you create the most  special day of your life,. You’re wedding!

           I didn’t start my career in event planning. I have a musical theatre background and found myself with a deep love for the arts, Somehow, I found myself in the role of stage manager, which trained me to be organized  and to manage my time. I guess you could say that this wonderful opportunity fell into my lap.  l  began to plan small events for a theatre company, and realized that event planning is my true love.

          I enjoy making memorable moments for couples. I like to get to know the couples I work with  on a personal level and really get a feel of who they are. I help them  come up with a design that really speaks to them. I even go as far as taking my work home with me. What do I mean? Each design that I create literally comes home with me. I put it on my table at home to really get the whole feel of the design. I want to make sure I get every detail right before you go down that aisle. Each couple gets all of my attention down to the last detail, and I make sure that  it will be just right.