Rain Learning provides state of the art training to sales and marketing professionals, the general public, small businesses and corporations. Rain Learning facilitates three of Rainer's video based programs: Escape the Ordinary, Affecting Influence, and Back to Basics.
Rain Learning has made a significant difference for sales professionals from every stratum of business verticals, across the region. We are a team 12 deep-seated, nestled at one point on the globe in Bangalore, INDIA. We are educators, learners, trainers, artists, writers, technology specialists, designers, scientists and businesspeople. The left brain and right brain, as it were. And we enthusiastically dispel the myth that implies these two hemispheres are an either/or proposition. Make that "passionately" dispel.
We're certain that the best learning and training engages both the hemispheres, no matter what is being communicated - because we provide the best.