Rainbow Outdoor furniture is a Success story dating back to 1985, in its integrated facilities built on 50,000 square meters in Gaziantep, South of Turkey.   Rainbow Outdoor started producing poly resin Polypropylene furniture back in 2002, and in a short amount of time has introduced many key outdoor and patio furniture items to the market under the Rainbow Outdoor brand.  The factory originally started manufacturing stadium seating that has been used in many arenas and facilities around the world.   Key product testing and standards such as TSE Norms, CATAS, and ISO documented and quality certifications are done on all commercial grade products.

Rainbow Outdoor’s primary focus and commitment has been to the production of environmentally friendly and recyclable products.  Incorporating a unique product portfolio mix, and the ability to operate on multiple shifts per day allows for our very high production capacity.   The company exports to over 60+ countries around the world, and maintains an in stock level of key items and products that can be special ordered and delivered within 60 days.

Trending colors and styles are always in our mind and we are constantly expanding the offerings our R&D departments are always testing and creating to offer both design quality, and comfort to our dealers and customers around the world.   The products produced are intended for residential use, hospitality, and contract use for restaurants, hotels, and pool or beach use.    Offering a practical solution, functional usage, and unique designs, make Rainbow Outdoor a key supplier to your patio furniture needs. The North America headquarters and warehouse are located in South Florida.  Email sales@rainbowoutdoor.com for more details.