His professor at the Johns Hopkins liked his research so much that he wrote it as an article and submitted it to an international scientific journal. That was his first article.

Many more followed over his lifetime, resulting in his first book, 'Sustainable Health and Development.' He has a second book to his credit entitled ‘Living in the Cloud’.

More books are in the pipeline under the series, ‘Conceptualizing from lifetime experience reducing poverty series.’

Born in a small village, Prakasapuram, in India, he spent much of his childhood in Srilanka, returning to India in his early adolescent years. He studied medicine in South Asia's finest, Christian Medical College(CMC), Vellore and started his medical career in Nepal. He zig-zagged his way back to Vellore through a number of Indian states and spent the remaining twenty-seven years in RUHSA, the exciting and path-breaking rural health and development department of CMC. He was involved in preventing catastrophic health expenditure for the poor as well as creating small businessmen and businesswomen among them.

During his period of service, he completed his Master of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA and his PhD in Chennai. Hopkins honoured him with life membership of the Delta Omega Honor Society. For his work in nutrition, he was awarded the Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition.

He is involved as a Public Health Physician Consultant in a large organisation, the DHAN Foundation. He is able to share his experiences in health care delivery with the large number of Self Help Group members spread across fourteen states of India.

Very specifically he has been involved in addressing the problem of anaemia among pregnant women and adolescent girls in different states of India where DHAN Foundation operates.

He has supported the DHAN Health team working through SUHAM Trust to establish and operate a number of Secondary and Primary Care Hospitals. These are owned and operated by women and farmers who are members of different community federations supported by the professional staff of SUHAM. He also conducts classes in health for students participating in different courses through DHAN.

Over the past five years, he has had the privilege of being a Guest Professor to students doing their MBA in Health and Hospital Systems of the BITS Pilani. This is an online training programme, and he has successfully completed three batches of students.

His Alma Mater, The Johns Hopkins University recognised his work by awarding him life membership of the Delta Omega Honor Society.

Recognising his work in the field of nutrition, the International College of Nutrition awarded him the Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition.

He is devoting much of his time in his retirement years to writing books as well as sharing through consultancy, his life-time experiences. He is married and lives with his wife in Chennai, India. He has a daughter along with her husband and son living in Vietnam. His son lives with his wife and three children in Chennai.

The current book available online in Amazon is, ‘Businessmen for the Poor.’ It describes in detail the various interventions carried out to reduce poverty in a population of over 120,000.

Details of the book can be obtained from the following link.

God willing the following three books are getting ready for publication soon. They are:

Dr John Scudder – A biography

A Master of Public Health – My experiences as a Public Health Physician

Principles of Leadership from the Bible – My experiences in leadership gained from the Bible.