Ralina Shaw Public Relations (RSPR) is a Los Angeles based full-service public relations and marketing agency. We have clients spanning top markets from Los Angeles to New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and other areas. Ralina Shaw, the founder of RSPR, and her talented team have gained attention for distinct and creative campaigns for clients with public relations, promotions, and marketing needs. Our specialty areas of interest include: entertainment, talent, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, luxury, consumer products, music, hospitality, and special events. We take pride in our ability to give each client a fresh approach in a often predictable industry. We have a hands-on service attitude, so we will be right there with you every step of the way. Because we have an open availability with our clients, we develop a close relationship that helps us to better understand their business goals and public relations aspirations. In everything we do, our primarly goal is to aid in the growth and success of our client's business, whether they are just starting out or are well-established and need a fusion of energy or increased visibility in the market place. We can do that for you!