Most businesses – large and small want to grow.  They want to climb the ladder of success.  But many do not have a clear picture of what the next level of success looks like.  They are typically too engrossed in the day-to-day activities associated with running their businesses.

Bill Rambo and his associates at RamboPlus have earned respect with businessowners and professionals due to their intuitive ability to help others identify their next levels and the steps to reach them.

Our holistic approach to improving practices, firms and businesses helps to create improvements in individuals, systems and promotions that are integrated throughout  the entire organization.  As a result positive, productive change can be accomplished much more rapidly and with less expense.

The RamboPlus team can help impact your business in the following areas:

Consulting includes a variety of activities designed to help the client better understand their business, challenges and goals. RamboPlus takes pride in creating effective solutions that create immediate impact on the performance of our clients. We don't just give vague advice on what you should be doing to improve the business - we give you detailed action items, and we roll up our sleeves and do it with you.

Skill Development of individuals is vital to the overall success of every organization. RamboPlus delivers specific training proven to produce improved results. We'll work with individuals or organizations to develop customized training, as well as the all too often neglected ongoing monitoring and follow-up that are critical to long term success.

A partial list of our Training & Skill Development services:
    Networking skills
    Advocate development systems
    Client care and retention training
    Leadership development
    Client-centered planning systems

Motivation via RamboPlus interactive presentations are individually tailored and delivered effectively, with humor, to help individuals, small groups or large organizations move their performance forward. These presentations get participants involved, excited and prepared to reach their goals and to set them even higher.

Some of our most popular Motivational presentations:
    Platinum Rule for Success in Business and in Life
    Why are Top Performers Top Performers
    The Most Powerful Force In The Universe
    How to Build Clients for Life

Marketing and PR programs which are coordinated and effective are often the difference between success and failure. RamboPlus associates integrate your organizational positioning, directed at your target audience, into focused marketing, Internet and public relations efforts for maximum results.

Just a few examples of some of the RamboPlus Marketing & PR services:
    Press releases and published interviews
    Website design and development
    Target Market development
    Print advertising and brochures
    Client event development and participation

Web Site:      www.ramboplus.com

Contact Information:      For additional information contact Bill Rambo directly at 1-610-547-5074.

Cost:      Our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and our fees are among the most competitive in the industry.

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