Randall To Go was created in order to provide people an affordable and practical solution to enjoy quality dining despite their busy schedules. All online menus at Randall To Go reflect the exact same prices that are available at the restaurants themselves. No menu prices have been marked up.

Randall To Go is a specialist when it comes to restaurant food delivery & corporate catering. This company was launched by local residents who live and work in the community for others who live or work in our community. Though our number one priority is customer satisfaction, our second objective is to best serve the community and environment that we live in. We take great pride in providing the best service available while working to protect and improve our local environment and community.

We cater to businesses, hotels, schools, hospitals, and homes that are within 25 minutes of our service area. Minimum order size is $30 and orders over $100 require a 24 hour advance notice.

Randall To Go partnered with local restaurants in a way that enables customers to order items for delivery without paying increased prices. All online menu prices reflect in-house restaurant menu prices. No menu prices have been increased. This is much different than traditional restaurant delivery services that charge increased menu prices in order to operate.