Rap Wars® gives every rapper the ability to record and share raps instantly, battle other rappers from anywhere, and be heard by the world – all from your iPhone or Android mobile device.

• Real rap battles fought in the palm of your hand!
• Record and publish your own raps to Facebook and Twitter in only 60 seconds!
• Battle friends and rappers from any iPhone or Android device
• Share your raps instantly with the world
• Rate raps and be rated, get discovered
• Access to 100’s of beats
• Submit your own beats

Rap Wars is an interactive, multi-user, rap music mobile application for iPhone and Android mobile platforms to include iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and Android Tablets. Rap Wars is also a web-based application where anyone can listen to your Rap Wars raps and users can manage their Rap Wars profile and account.

Rap Battles

Rap Wars is an app that enables users to record and share short rap battles with other users and the public. The most innovative and exciting feature of Rap Wars is that it gives users the ability to rap battle other rappers right from your mobile phone or tablet. The user can choose a rap beat from a library of available beats, and then record themselves from their mobile device. Users can also send direct messages to other users in order to challenge them to a rap battle. Once a battle challenge is accepted the two rappers can battle back and forth and listen back to the entire battle thread.

100's of Beats

In Rap Wars, users have access to 100's of beats they can rap and record to. We have several beat categories including Old School, Slow Riding, Hard, Classic, Epic, Scary and Creative. Select your beat, record your rap, then push it to the Cypher. User can also set favorite beats to make it quicker and easier to start rapping to the beats you like best. Plus, for the pro rappers who create their own beats, custom beats can be uploaded to Rap Wars from our Submit Beats page.  Submitted beats go through a short review process and once approved they become available in the app for the author plus other rappers can rip on them.

Get Free or Go Pro

There are two versions of Rap Wars: Rap Wars and Rap Wars Free. Both versions have the same functionality, however, the free version includes advertisements and has fewer beats included for free. Rap Wars pro version has no ads PLUS includes 100 Beat Creds allowing the user to add additional beats of their choosing.

Be Discovered

The Vision of Rap Wars is to provide a place where rappers can meet and listen to one another. A place where they can challenge one another and have their voices heard. A place where they can showcase their talents to the world. And that place is ANYWHERE you are. So get rapping, get your raps out into the Cypher, get picked up by a label.