Raquel has rocked brands for over 15 years, specializing in public relations, digital marketing and event planning. Her ability to grow and maintain credible and authentic partnerships solidifies her connections to the music and entertainment industry that is beneficial to the brands that become her clients.  Raquel is your go- to- girl to get your brand noticed!

Raquel Figlo Public Relations is an agency that concentrates on building brand awareness and customer loyalty through digital marketing efforts. We tell stories by developing brand identity, culture and narrative. We use digital & established paths such as public relations, social media, event planning, brand partnerships, and a good old fashion phone call to spread the stories we craft. Our belief is that brands need to be consistent with the content on their website, the aesthetics of their photos, and ultimately, the messages they spread on their social media platforms. Raquel Figlo PR can do all this and more‚Äč. In addition to crafting stories we are also skilled in content creation, website design, photography, cross promotions, Instagram growth, email and text marketing.