As a doctor of Chiropractic, my principal aim is to educate my patients as to the importance of maintaining their spine.  The major premise of Chiropractic is that the nervous system controls and regulates the other systems which comprise the human body. When spinal bones misalign, there is the potential for a series of events to occurr which end up putting pressure on the spinal nerves as they exit each level of the spinal bones.  This pressure, creates a kind of short circuit.  It prevents the nerve impulses from reaching their intended destination correctly and prevents the impulses from returning to the brain as intended correctly.  This, in the long run can lead to malfunction and eventually to symptoms that a person can perceive.  Our job as a Chiropractor is to determine if a patients symptoms can be attributable to misaligned spinal bones.  If this is the case, a care plan is developed to identify the misalignment, correct it and return the body to its normal functioning state.  Emphasis is also given to patient education so they can learn to maintain their spine properly.  Training on proper biomechanics (proper lifting, sitting, sleep position) work ergonomics and exercises to strengthen and maintain the spine are also very valuable.