Rauland-Borg’s Responder® 5 nurse call system is a communication solution for hospital staff. The system integrates with previous installed technology and complimentary systems to help advance communication efforts throughout a hospital unit. This includes wireless phones, real-time location systems, tracking equipment, pagers, and staff scheduling - allowing mobility to staff for answering calls on the go, without delay. The Responder 5 is enhanced by a complete suite of powerful – yet simple user interface software solutions that offer quick and easy staff sign-on and staff assignments that maximize the time nursing staff can devote to their patients. Responder 5 supports hundreds of call processes that help advance a hospitals workflow and enhance patient care. It is a solution that’s readily customized to fit your environment, and delivers the performance you’re looking for. By offering the ability to streamline communication with our unique stations, one-touch can make multiple calls to the right staff members. This eliminates unnecessary steps nurses make daily to simple button processes. The Responder 5 utilizes button presses to establish workflow processes recognized throughout the hospital. These processes are designed by hospital staff, for hospital staff, to apply to automate tasks and events common to the every day routine of a caregiver.
By enabling real-time connection, communication is immediate, eliminating delay of patient calls and emergencies. The Responder 5 is so much more than nurse call, it enhances patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication capabilities, real-time, for immediate connection, improved patient care and staff satisfaction. For more information contact us at www.rauland.com.