I started my business as a raw food chef and coach after I cured myself from Fibromyalgia -according to the doctors, an "incurable disease"- by eating everything raw.

I am in constant training and have invested in my own studies thousands of dollars in order to develop the level of education and personal transformation.
I am a self -educated person, I outsmarted doctors who said I could never be healed, I’m a certified raw food coach, a raw food chef, a business owner, entrepreneur and mother of two adult children. I am highly respected in the raw food community because of my no nonsense approach and I am working internationally with truly committed people ready to invest in their health and life.

When I discovered raw food and experienced the amazing healing effects in only a short time’s notice, I knew that my mission was to tell everybody about the power of alive foods. I really want to empower people to seek out the solutions that work for them and help them be transformed by preventing and overcoming illness.