The Raw Ethics approach is unlike most fitness approaches out there. There is no dieting. There is no processed food, man-made vitamins or diet pills. You are not performing an intense work out every day of the week You may be wondering how this actually works….. Diets are too restrictive and a pain to follow, plus everyone has a different body so no specific diet will work for everyone. Raw Ethics uses simple guidelines that have been proven effective, healthy and stress-free to follow. By cutting out all processed food, man-made vitamins, and diet pills, your body can function how it was designed to! Working out intensively every day is too much stress to put on your body. To get the most effective workouts you will need to relax your nervous system and muscles. Our rest days consist of stretching, cardio and the releasing of muscle tension. You will see improved blood flow, strength gains and beautiful looking functional muscles! Contact us today to schedule a free workout at our state of the art Boca Raton Gym!