We specialize in providing Digital Solutions using cutting-edge technology, helping businesses grow by increasing customer or staff satisfaction through applied Digital Strategies, and utilizing behavioral data to personalize the user experience.
R Digital uses AesirX technology, launching the world's first Privacy-ensured Solution utilizing safe and secure tech to enable and empower customers and partners globally to become compliant and avoid potential criminalization by unclear laws and regulations.

This privacy-first solution is designed to protect humankind from Big Tech’s systematic abuse in marketing (Digital Twins, Soulbound Tokens, DID, and similar concepts of protocolization of humans included.) by combining AesirX + Concordium ID Layer to protect users’ personal data; so it cannot be exploited. Now everyone has a choice to use technology that isn’t based on abusive strategies and where ownership of data is 1st party.

Services include custom privacy-by-design *aaS, PaaS & SaaS Solutions, Digital Transformation, Website & E-Commerce Solutions,  Analysis, Conceptualization, Wireframing, UX|UI Design, QA, Automated Testing, Deployment, Hosting, WEB2, and WEB3.