The new generation of shoppers is craving lifestyle and fashion content on their ever-present digital devices. They are extremely influenced by the next fashion style and as a result, their wardrobes are bulging.

Most people would admit to having clothes in their wardrobe that they never wear. What do they do with all those clothes when it’s time to clean out the wardrobe? Give them to a charity shop where only the best items make it onto the racks, and the rest end in landfill? Or do they just throw them out themselves?

There is no such thing as throwing them out. They must go somewhere, right?

Australians actually discard 23 kilograms of clothing per capita every year and this results in six tonnes of textiles and clothing contributed to landfills in Australia every 10 minutes.

If the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce their carbon and water footprints, as well as waste generation, by five to 10 percent.

Just because we’re bored of the clothes in our wardrobe doesn’t mean someone else won’t appreciate them.

That’s why Rogan & Kim Carroll have just launched a Marketplace App for preloved clothing and accessories, and school uniforms.

The ReHomed Clothing App users pre-populated filters to list products, which means buyers do not get inundated with cluttered search results as they do with most other marketplace searches. It’s really simple to use.

Including school uniforms on ReHomed satisfies an untapped demand to help parents sell their child’s school uniforms and buy new items during the years when their kids are constantly growing.

Parents spend hundreds of dollars outfitting their children for school. Even more if they are at private schools.

Parents are spending up to $300 on a piece of uniform for which there is no other use … blazers, ties, formal shirts, sports uniforms, all at an age when kids are growing their quickest.

The Sydney based parents of teens, Rogan and Kim Carroll, suggest that, “With the end of school upon us it’s a perfect time for parents to sell their kids second-hand school uniforms to other parents saving them some money for next year’s school costs. It’s a win-win for all parents.”

The ReHomed Clothing App is preloaded with 4600 schools across Australia and its filter-based listings makes it simple to list and search items.

“At this stage ReHomed is only available for IOS (Apple) phones. We are planning to launch the Android version very soon” says Rogan Carroll.

The App is available now for free download and more information can be found at www.ReHomedClothing.com