Real Estate Wealth Advisors, LLC (R.E.W.A.) is based on the fundamental belief that real estate investments are the key to true sustainable wealth for anyone who has a dream, belief, or burning desire to achieve the American Dream, to live life to its fullest. We are historians of the past, yet not a monument. We are a movement! Progressively moving forward into the 21st century, by embracing innovation and creative design thinking. Our country’s heritage has proven the one who owns property, is an owner of his or her destiny. There are a plethora of opportunities in real estate investments, distressed real estate, real estate related assets, and real estate focused entities throughout the United States.

Our experienced professionals are well equipped diverse experts, who have the knowledge to uncover opportunities that emerge within both the short term and long-term cycles. R.E.W.A. is on pace with market trends as they develop; therefore, our clients receive first tiered information, as oppose to second tiered information. From a macro-economic perspective, strategic planning and great timing are the key components of our success. We provide opportunities for wholesaling, residential investments, commercial investments, land deals, lease strategies, secured loans, virtual management services, income producing properties, value-added opportunities and more. We hold our clients accountable towards achieving their desired goals!

The impetus of our tenacity as a company is due to our focused passion in providing education and wealth building principles to particular individuals who desire more out of life! Our clients and team are prized! We are a network on the move, seeking to pursue opportunities for both clients and advisors! Our journey is to impact generations to come, which is our legacy mantra. If this is you, then partner with our team and begin to move forward!