Emma Hartnell-Baker is a child / teen behaviour advisor and 'family' coach who promotes the empowerment of parents as a way to tackle literacy failure. Through 'Read Australia™' free help and support is offered to parents and teachers along with a range of related workshops and in-service training courses. The 'Parents Aboard' campaign is about to be launched, enabling parents, grandaparents and carers to gain more formal early literacy training in order to help young children and to offer support within Australian schools.
Read Australia™ is now based within Queensland- the worst state for literacy according to 2010 Year 3 and 5 Naplan results. Working in partnership with parents, childcare facilities and schools they aim to change the future for QLD children.

Director- Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons. MA Special Educational Needs. Cert Life Coaching
The Child Listener™