With ReadyB, hire or be hired for a range of unlimited services and skills in real time.  The ReadyB app eliminate the stress and hours of research that is commonly associated with hiring a service provider for any service from babysitting to plumbing to HVAC to electrical to craft projects and everything in between.  Choose from a list of service providers that are currently available in your area, explain what service is needed, confirm immediate availability, negotiate the rate, and pay for the service in the matter of minutes.  

ReadyB Features:
•     Find service providers that are available now
•     Option to choose from service providers that have passed a background check
•     View photos of service providers’ previous projects and scans of their certifications
•     Read reviews of actual past customers
•     Negotiate the rate for your project via the ReadyB app and confirm the service
•     Track your service provider’s location in real-time
•     You are not charged until the service is completed

Bonus – No need for two log-ins.  Are you a consumer that can also provide a service to the ReadyB community?  Or are you a service provider that has a need for a different type of service provider? We all wear many hats and ReadyB has made it easy for users to be hired for a service or hire someone else in the same log-in. Simply set-up a profile for each need and toggle based on availability.

Are you ready to be less stressed?  Let ReadyB connect you with help when it’s needed.