The Ready Made Disposable Baby Bottle (RMDBB) is a patented product that will provide sterile formula, water, and medication to children in the U.S. and the global market. The company founder, Dr. Corwin Littell, has a U.S. utility patent on the concept of a disposable baby bottle. Since the original patent was approved, he has 3 patents pending on updated model including a 'green' model made of paraffin cardboard. Ready Made is committed to staying ahead of the growth curve of the market. This will be welcome in the market as it is convenient and sterile every time, not to mention that the end price will be slightly less compared to formulas that have to be mixed. On the global scale, this product can save countless lives. 60% of the world infant mortality rate is due to contaminated water, our product can greatly reduce this number by providing RMDBB to humanitarian NGO's.

Ready Made Bottles can be produced easily using conventional, readily available materials and manufacturing processes. It adapts well to the current market standards. The outer bottle and cap will be molded from silicone which has intrusion levels well below USDA standards for infants, and can be heated to 160 degrees, allowing the RMDBB to be safely microwaved, if desired.

The market in the U.S. alone for infant bottles is 24,000,000 per day according to 2005 U.S. census data.

Our new prototype was just released to the public on July 2, 2009.  We are excited tyo be moving forward with a green, sustainable design that will also be able to help in humanitarian applications.   

Ready Made will also utilize licensing to current formula manufacturers as brand loyalty is predominant in the formula market. We have the advantage of being first to market and giving investors a healthy, timely return on their investments.