Readyportal is a leading enterprise content management (ECM) platform offered as both SaaS and Software. With Readyportal organizations can create, manage and distribute content with ease at a fraction of the cost of traditional ECM. Readyportal‚Äôs suite of content management software also includes social collaboration and portal functionalities that enable corporations, non-profits and small businesses to manage, collaborate and communicate efficiently with their target audience.  Readyportal clients include the City of New York, City of Amsterdam, the Dutch Government, US Department of Education, Pepco Holdings and the WPP Group.  

For more information about Readyportal please visit http://www.readyportal.com or call 415-570-0701/416-619-7775 or email info@readyportal.com. Connect with Readyportal at http://twitter.com/readyportal